Restore Your Deck From Winter Damage With Deck Repairs and Replacements

If your home has a wooden deck, then you know that exposure to the elements throughout the year is almost inevitable. Now that winter is here, it’s may be time to consider if your deck will need repairs once the cold weather passes. With over thirty-five years of combined experience, if your deck sees any damage from snow, ice, and other winter weather, you can count on the team at all season windows and exteriors to restore your outdoor gathering space’s look and function with their deck repair and replacement services. No matter how bad the damage is to your deck, Southwest Michigan’s exterior experts are ready to help.

How Winter Weather can Damage Your Deck

Seasonal damage to your deck’s surface boards can often occur when your deck is improperly sealed against moisture, causing warping, rotting, splitting, and other forms of damage to your deck’s surface from exposure to rain, snow, and ice. While a simple answer to preventing this kind of damage may be to regularly clear the snow from the surface of your deck, you also have to be careful what kind of shovel you use to move the snow, as steel shovels can scratch the wood, removing the sealing finish.

Quality Focused Deck Repair Services

With years of experience in repairing decks in a variety of shapes and sizes, the team at all season windows is ready to provide you with quality focused deck repair services that will not only restore the function of your deck, patio, or porch, but its appearance as well. Ready to reseal and replace the surface boards of your deck, you can count on the team at all season windows to ensure that your deck is restored and ready for use.
When to Consider Replacing Your Deck Entirely

If your deck’s damage has extended beyond the surface boards, your deck will more than likely need to be replaced entirely. With a free inspection, our team will be able to properly determine whether repairs or a full replacement would be appropriate. With years of experience in installing functional, attractive patios, porches, and decks, you can count on southwest Michigan’s exterior experts to provide you with a deck replacement that best suits your space.

Ready to provide their deck repair and replacement services to customers throughout southwest Michigan, the team at all season windows is ready to help restore your outdoor gathering space from any seasonal damage it has faced over the winter. Schedule your free inspection with the experts at all season windows or contact us today to learn more about our quality focused deck, porch, and patio repair and replacement services.